1."The import of more than two years’ old car or vehicle, having remained in used of theimporter in the foreign country of his residence for the aforesaid period, shall be allowed under the Transfer of Residence Scheme subject to the following conditions, namely :-

      1. The Pakistani National is transferring his residence from abroad after a continuous stay of two years;

      2. He makes a declaration on his arrival in Pakistan that he intends to import the car or vehicle under the Transfer of Residence Scheme;

      3. This concession shall be availed in case of cars or vehicles which are transferred from a country wherein the said Pakistani National normally resides; and

      4. This concession shall be availed in case of cars or vehicles which are shipped within fifteen days of the arrival of the Pakistani National in Pakistan in case of cargo coming by air and within sixty days of his arrival in case of cargo coming over land route or by sea.

      5. The importer shall have -

      1. valid driving licence; and
      2. registration document of the vehicle duly attested and stamped by the concerned Pakistan Embassy or Pakistan Consulate."

1) The conditions as to period specified in clause(I) may be relaxed by following authorities namely:-

(a) in the case of transfer of residence scheme--

      1. upto sixty days,in the case of stay abroad, by the Collector of Customs; and

      2. upto ninety days, in the case of stay abroad, by the Joint Secretary (Imports), Ministry of Commerce; and

      3. upto one hundred and twently days, in case of period of registration of vehicle, by the Joint Secretary(Imports) Ministry of Commerce; and

(b) in the case of personal baggage scheme,--

      1. upto fifteen days, in case of period of registration of the vehicle; and
      2. upto thirty days in the case of stay baroad, by the Joint Secretary(Imports) Ministry of Commerce.
      3. in the case of transfer of residence scheme and personal baggage scheme the Federal Government may in the cases of official visits and short breaks in stay, on sufficient cause show, relax the condition of stay abroad exceeding the maximum period.

7. Import of cars by non-privileged foreign nationals and restrictions on sale of such cars.--

(1) A non privileged foreign national who comes to Pakistan on a specific contract of service with any local or foreign firm or with a Government or semi-Government authority in Pakistan can bring a car as personal baggage.

(2) The importer of the car shall submit to the Authority an application for import in the form at Annex-III, along with the following documents, namely:-

    1. Passport.
    2. A certificate from local or foreign firm or contracting authority in Pakistan showing that the period of stay in Pakistan of foreign national shall not be less than two years.
    3. Documentary evidence that the car has been paid for from funds abroad.
    4. Bill of lading (in the case of car imported as unaccompanied baggage) showing freight pre-paid and shipment of the car within ninety days from the date of arrival of the importer in Pakistan.
    5. If the car has been brought on Carnet-de-Passage or Triptique, no objection certificate from Carnet or Triptique by the concerned customs authority for retention of car in Pakistan shall be produced.

(3) Documents mentioned at paragraph (iii) of sub-clause (2) shall not be necessary if the car was already registered abroad in which case a certificate of registration shall be produced.

(4) A car imported by a non-privileged foreign national on Carnet-de-Passage or Triptique shall not be sold, transferred or alienated in any manner except as specified in sub-clause (5) and (6).

(5) A cars specified in sub-clause (4) may be sold, after the expiry of two years from the date of import, to a foreign national residing in Pakistan against his own foreign exchange held abroad or to the Department of Supplies, Government of Pakistan.

(6) A car imported by a non-privileged foreign national on payment of customs duty and sales tax shall be allowed to be sold to a Pakistani national after expiry of three years.

(7) A foreign wife of a Pakistani national who retains her foreign nationality shall be treated as foreign national for the purpose of import of a car and the car imported by her shall be subject to the same restrictions in the matter of sale or transfer or re-export from Pakistan as are applicable to cars imported by foreign nationals unless she acquires Pakistani nationality.

8. Permission to re-export the vehicles brought in contravention of the rules.

--Where a vehicle is brought into Pakistan by a Pakistani national in contravention of these Rules, he may be permitted to re-export such vehicle:

Provided that where the importer brings such vehicle against fake of forged documents, he shall, in addition to the confiscation of the vehicle, be liable to such other penalty as may be imposed under any law for the time being in force.

9. All Import Permits issued prior to coming into force of this Order shall remain effective till their validity.

[As Amended] :